Football for All.


Football for All has a simple purpose - to bring together anyone who wants to play football, for a day of enjoyment and connection.

Since November 2017, we have been working with partners including RTI Ethos, Doc Mobile, indiGO Volunteers, Oli Mazi and  Soul Food Kitchen to host Football For All community days, once a month in Thessaloniki, Greece. People from all different walks of life unite for a game of football, followed by a delicious meal and the opportunity to get to know each other.

I like to see my friends, and meet new people. I love to help make the food for the teams with Oli Mazi!
— Zaheer, Pakistan

Each event we run, we see more and more people returning, and being right in the centre of the city we're able to interact with locals and have a presence in the community.

These events are invaluable. They provide a safe space for people to let go of the difficulties of life, and do nothing but love the game and get to know like-minded people, and the response has been fantastic. The atmosphere feels like a festival, with all kinds of people coming together to have fun!

When you get on the pitch and fight for your team, you don’t think if your teammate is Greek or a refugee. You give your best for the team. So from my point of view Greeks and refugees can play football together, we can build football teams together, we can participate in tournaments together, enjoy the game together and through football come closer together.
— Dimos, Thessaloniki

We’ve seen displaced people, volunteers and locals from the Greek community connect through sport, and we want to keep going! If you can, please donate to our Football for All campaign to help us to continue to deliver these events throughout 2018.