Empowering displaced people through football. 


Our mission is to use the universal language of football to promote health and social inclusion for displaced people.


Football for All.

Our Football for All community events see displaced people, locals and volunteers come together to celebrate their love for the game. We make the connections on the pitch,  but they really thrive off it.









...in our first four months.


Support Aniko FC.

We can't do what we do without you. Your support will help us to provide football sessions and equipment that will change people's lives.


Our History.


Emergency Response

Our story began in August 2015, in the Calais Jungle, where thousands of displaced people found themselves living in unimaginably abhorrent conditions. Over many weeks we did what we could to provide food, clothing and shelter, while attention on the situation grew, and resources became more readily available. We then took the path deeper into the refugee crisis, experiencing the devastation of Greece, where camps were far beyond capacity and boats were arriving on the islands every night. This is where we had our first experience of search and rescue, something our team continue to support with to this day.


With the impending implementation of the EU Turkey Deal in 2016, we knew there would be a need for support across the Aegean sea. We travelled to Izmir, an area densely populated with predominantly Syrian refugees, where we partnered with volunteer organisations working in-the-field. With the launch of Aniko in 2017, we drew on the knowledge we had gained from Calais, Greece and Turkey to offer free support and advice to like-minded organisations addressing the needs of displaced people, alongside the delivery of our own projects.

A Focus on Football

The close of 2017 saw an incredible result for us, with the exceptional growth of our pilot project, Aniko FC. The response to the project was so much more than we could ever have imagined, with the development of partnerships with Terre des hommes and the Norwegian Refugee Council within four months of Aniko's launch. As a small team, we quickly realised the best way to manage this growth was to commit our resources to it, so we chose to pause our emergency response and knowledge-sharing operations and dedicate our full energy to making Aniko FC a success.