Dan Teuma.

Dan is the Founder of Aniko. His experience has seen him distributing aid in camps, working shoreline rescue on the island of Lesvos, running a community space in Thessaloniki and so much more.

Now, Dan takes the lead with planning the future of Aniko, dreaming up the big ideas that will see us grow, while taking the necessary steps to get us there.

He also coaches alongside Thomas, running training sessions for our multiple Aniko FC projects.

In his personal time, Dan will continue to participate in search and rescue missions and direct action when, and where, he’s needed.

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Jess Johnson.

Jess is our Operations Manager at Aniko, and she makes sure that everything gets done! From managing communications to drafting policy to keeping up with all of our admin, Jess is on a mission to make sure that we run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Jess also manages all of Aniko's digital presence, from this website to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels, and really loves to tell a great story.

As well as all of this, Jess takes the lead on fundraising for Aniko, while supporting with strategy-planning and implementing the action-steps we need to take to continue to grow.


Thomas Farines.

Since autumn 2016, Thomas, our Aniko FC Project Leader, has been working to provide football sessions for displaced people, first in France, and now in Greece.

As a qualified football coach with experience working on Sport, Development and Peace at the UN Office in Geneva, Thomas knows just how life-changing sport can be, and the physical and mental health benefits it can have on participants.

Thomas works alongside Dan to develop training plans for all of the football sessions we run, to coach our Aniko FC players and to organise our Football for All community events, while contributing to our strategy for the future.